Purpose of Life

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Purpose of Life

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Inspiration is the fuel that helps us achieve our goals despite difficult obstacles. But what drives inspiration? A strong purpose, a strong why.

We must all have a noble, meaningful purpose in life that we are willing to die for. That's what makes life meaningful and propels us to our goals like no other force. Where will power fails, purpose driven inspiration, succeeds - in creating an indomitable spirit willing to rise from the ashes like a phoenix every single time it is knocked down. What is that noble purpose?

Join global spiritual leader and bestselling author Swami Mukundananda on a rousing 21-Day journey, starting Jan 1st, 2021 to discover where your true purpose lies. Create your own glorious destiny in alignment with it. Never again will your obstacles make you discouraged.

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Videos will be released on Swami Mukundananda YouTube channel, every Monday & Friday, starting Jan 1st 2021 at 7:00 pm CST (6:30 am IST).

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  • Develop determination despite difficulties

  • Develop resilience and tolerance in the face of obstacles

  • Light the burning fire within to overcome your circumstances

  • Learn to respond, not react

  • Special activities every single day to cement your practice

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