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6 Reasons To Attend A Spiritual Retreat

Retreat Updates / April 05, 2016

6 Reasons To Attend A Spiritual Retreat

They say, everything happens for a reason, but a spiritual retreat happens, not just for a reason, but six of them! Here are the reasons why you should attend a spiritual retreat:

1. Hush the noise : Stress is a stranger to none in today’s world. It has become a commonly used term, not just by adults, but even by children in Elementary schools. The world seems to be in a rush! Most of our targets seem mobile too and the chase to attain them, never seems to end. The retreat gives us an opportunity, to take that much needed break from the noise of the fast paced world, slow down to reflect on what is important to us and reset our priorities!

2. Unclutter your mind : In today’s world, we often find ourselves, trying to navigate the information superhighway of the internet, way too often! As we have all experienced, too much information along the spiritual path, can often cause surprising roadblocks, and not allow us to access the right knowledge, at the right time!  The spiritual retreat gives us a valuable opportunity, to organize the knowledge closet in our minds, and allows us to get clarity of thoughts, and focus on the knowledge, that is right for us!

3. Form good habits : How many times haven’t we all jumped on that new crash diet or that new exercise regimen, that we just heard about from a friend, and  then given up within just  a couple of days of starting it? Old habits do die hard, and new habits are indeed hard to form! However, when we observe the wonderful changes in our own disposition, by following healthy routines for body, mind and soul, that we learn at the retreat, we ease into those good habits more naturally!

4. Stay inspired : Often, when we embark on any new path by ourselves, the steam dies down after a few days and we tend to quit very easily. If we are in the company of others, who are travelling the same path, we draw inspiration from one another and tend to continue on the path with more enthusiasm! The retreat offers a warm platform to make lasting friendships with like-minded people, which will keep us inspired on the arduous path of spirituality!

5. Learn to accept, yet thrive : When we are faced with unexpected situations, most of us lose our balance and are unable to handle our obstacles efficiently. Most of us spend days, months or sometimes, even years, in asking one question, “Why me?” The retreat serves as that “Reset” button, that gives us a much-needed breakthrough, we have been looking for! When we go through the retreat, we find ourselves becoming more and more accepting of challenges, at the same time more and more equipped and enabled to face them, head on!

6. You deserve it : Haven’t we all found ourselves in a situation, where we read a much awaited book or watched a much-awaited movie,  and are dying to discuss it with someone who shares the same passion? When we cannot contain the temporary bliss from a temporary source, imagine the bliss, we will obtain by connecting with the permanent source, God! We work hard daily in our homes, schools and/or office spaces. Don’t we and our families deserve to treat ourselves to this true and lasting inner joy? What could be better than multiplying this bliss manifold by sharing it with like-minded people?

Come, allow yourselves to attend the retreat and allow yourselves to become alive! For more information on JKYog Retreats visit: Upcoming Events