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The Art and Science of Happiness

Happiness, the sublime sensation that engulfs our hearts with joy and contentment, is a remarkable facet of life. Happiness is the very essence that makes our journey worthwhile, propelling us to seek it in all our endeavors. However, despite our unwavering quest, the elusive nature of happiness persists, leaving us yearning for its embrace. Why? Buy Swamiji's book titled "The Art and Science of Happiness" to solve this puzzle.

What is the secret of finding everlasting bliss? What is the art of experiencing joy that is immune to vicissitudes? And what is the science of achieving happiness that is not dependent on externals?

In this book, an internationally acclaimed authority on mind management, renowned saint, and bestselling author Swami Mukundananda draws on the ancient wisdom of the scriptures and current scientific research to address these questions. He also explains strategies for happiness in relationships, at work, and in the face of adversity. By applying these concepts in your daily life, you can be happy everywhere and at all times.