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Do you want to practice spirituality on a regular basis?

Do you want to grow from within and succeed in life?

Do you want to make sense of God, the world, and your life?

Do you want to make real progress in your journey to God?

Then, Daily Sadhana is the means to help achieve these goals!

What is Daily Sadhana?

Daily Sadhana is a unique online service that allows spiritual seekers to acquire spiritual knowledge anywhere, anytime and at their own pace. Daily Sadhana consist of courses that are structured into well defined modules that cover different high-level topics in a systematic manner. The modules are further organized into individual daily lessons that dive into the details of those topics. Each lesson includes a video lecture, meditation, reviews, exercises, and many other features.

Benefits of Daily Sadhana

All day long, we spend time in the worldly environment where the world pulls us in love and hatred, hankering, lamentation, tension, anxiety, and stress. We seldom realize that the worldly environment gradually takes a toll on us and impacts our well-being. Practicing Sadhana purifies the mind and keeps our mind in good health. Furthermore, by practicing spiritual Sadhana for some time in a day, we reap the benefits of a spiritual.


I see my life so differently now than I did before beginning Daily Sadhana. Before this I was overwhelmed by stress, sadness and other negativity. Now I feel calm and happy to be in the mind of the Lord where I belong. I look forward to making true spiritual progress in this life, always drawing close to God, to whom I belong

Amanda, USA

This innovative modern way of transmitting ancient wisdom of the eternal soul is effectively and powerfully transforming and uplifting lives of people all over the world. I personally am forever grateful to Swami Mukundananda and his dedicated team, for connecting me to this Ancient yoga system of Bhakti. It is helping me discover and awaken the hidden potential of my inner self in relationship with God, and this has given me the happiness I was searching for for so long. Invaluable gift I can never repay. Thank you!

Lora, Canada.

"What we are, is greater than what we have". I am so grateful for My Daily Sadhana course and for Shree Swami Mukundananda ji's teaches. I can't wait for the next lesson! I strongly urge everybody to try My Daily Sadhana. The earlier you Start your Daily Sadhana, the more Benefits you Reap

Cephas, Ghana.

Daily Sadhana is exactly what we were looking for to sustain our spiritual development. We like to characterize it as sadhana technique for the 21st century. The on-demand nature of Daily Sadhana provides flexibility to accommodate our differing schedules. Our entire family now looks forward to participating in the routine every evening - yes, even our teenage kids! Each lesson has the perfect balance of discourse, review, quiz, meditation, and kirtan/aarti. This variety keeps the mind spiritually entertained for the entire hour, duration of each lesson. There is even the facility to ask Swamiji clarifying questions. We strongly urge everyone to try Daily Sadhana for a month - its impact will be self-evident.

Parag, USA